Exquisitely fragrant nourishing hand cream enriched with silk proteins, almond oil and a drop of exclusive aroma for daily hand care of all skin types. Highly recommended for dry, sensitive, irritated skin. Helps overcome inflammatory processes, itching of the skin. It rejuvenates, tightens the skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles, helps to prevent moisture loss. This hand cream easily penetrates the skin and instantly soothes and revitalizes tired, dehydrated skin, leaves no unpleasant oily film on it, leaving your skin soft and silky.
Packaged in a luxurious black paper box, perfect as a gift. 

• Vial type: plastic
• Gross weight: 73 gr.
• Packaging: paper, laminated
• See on the bottom of the package but not longer than 12 months from the opening date.
• 2 different fragrances (OHENA and DORE)

Hand Cream 50 ml